Terms & Conditions
  • Quiet hours
    Morning: before 8am
    Noon: 3pm - 5pm
    Evening: 11pm - 8am
  • To protect against the risk of fire, it is forbidden:
    1. The use of flammable substances
    2. The use of candles anywhere on the estate
    3. Smoking is forbidden inside the premises and in any other area of the estate. It is allowed only in the surrounding paved area and cigarettes are always put out in an ashtray
  • Children
    Children must be supervised at any time, anywhere on the estate
  • Cars
    When entering or leaving the estate, you should drive your cars at the lowest possible speed
  • Internet
    The site's Internet connection does not support downloading large files such as video, movies, etc., because the connection is via satellite. However, it remains free to use more from 12:30 - 5:30 am, daily. Please make wise use of the internet to stay on the net.
  • Swimming Pool
    Strictly adhere to the safety rules for use of the swimming pool suspended in public areas
  • • The premises and accommodation of the tourist unit can only be used by the tenants of the unit
  • • Parties and events are not allowed